Epithete Films is an independent movie production company that specializes in feature films, run by Frédéric Brillion and Gilles Legrand.



Synopsis  /  September, 1945. Sebastian impatiently waits for the return of his friend Angelina, whom he has not seen for two years. When the plane carrying the young woman to her small village in the Alps is reported to have crashed in the mountains, Sebastian is convinced that Angelina is still alive. Along with his faithful dog Belle, Sebastian embarks on the most dangerous adventure of his life . . .

Directed by / 

Christian Duguay

Screenplay - adaptation - dialogue / 

Juliette Sales, Fabien Suarez, Nicolas Vanier, based on the TV series Belle et Sébastien, written and directed by Cécile Aubry, © 1965 Gaumont - Institut National de l'Audiovisuel

Cast / 

Felix Bossuet, Tcheky Karyo, Thierry Neuvic, Margaux Chatelier, Thylane Blondeau, Urbain Cancelier

Coproduction / 

Epithète Films, Radar Films, Gaumont, M6 Films, Rhône-Alpes Cinéma

Distribution / 


International sales / 


Release date / 

09 December 2015

Awards and festivals / 

  • Semaine du Cinéma Français à Berlin, Allemagne, 2016
  • Festival international du film de Seattle, USA, 2016