Epithete Films is an independent movie production company that specializes in feature films, run by Frédéric Brillion and Gilles Legrand.


Synopsis  /  Raqqa, Syria, Spring 2015. Faustine discovers the hell in which she has embarked with her 5 year-old son. In Paris, Gabriel and Adnan, two young activists, are moved by the distress of Sylvain, Faustine’s husband. They agree to set up a high-risk exfiltration operation.
The true story of two worlds and that of a generation...

Directed by / 

Emmanuel Hamon

Scenario - dialogue / 

Benjamin Dupas

Adaptation / 

Emmanuel Hamon and Benjamin Dupas

Cast / 

Swann Arlaud, Finnegan Oldfield, Jisca Kalvanda, Charles Berling and Kassem Al Khoja

Production / 

Epithète Films

Distribution / 

Twentieth Century Fox and Pépites Films

International sales / 


Release date / 

06 March 2019