Epithete Films is an independent movie production company that specializes in feature films, run by Frédéric Brillion and Gilles Legrand.



Synopsis  /  Jean-Claude has a girlfriend … Unfortunately she just left him. She can’t stand his lifestyle, in between instability and immobility. At night he delivers pizzas and during the day he mimes a sidewalk statue.
Thank god, Jean-Claude has great friends. They will (more or less) help him overcome these hard times. Bob, his fellow deliveryman tries to help him out with all his clumsy generosity. From his workout room, Luis tries to pump him up and make him profit his experience of love. And Jeff, once a comic and now a taxi driver, decides in his crazy way to restore his self-confidence.
Finally Jean-Claude meets Marianna, a fascinating young woman who breaks everything that comes her way… but she seems unreachable… He hacks this mysterious woman who only leaves a trail of chaos and wreckage (windscreens, computers…) up to a white boat heading for the islands, his talent as a statue-man turning out to be extremely useful… A light comedy on friendship, love and pizzas with volcanic names…

Directed by / 

Didier Tronchet

Written by / 

Didier Tronchet

Cast / 

Mathieu Demy, Clotilde Courau, Richard Berry, Darry Cowl

Coproduction / 

Epithète Films, M6 Films

Distribution / 

Pathé Distribution

International sales / 

Le Petit Bureau

Release date / 

26 June 2002