Epithete Films is an independent movie production company that specializes in feature films, run by Frédéric Brillion and Gilles Legrand.


Synopsis  /  After the death of his mother, Sauveur finally learns the identity of his father. But the first phone contact with him is difficult: Bertrand who denies his paternity rebuffs him. Sauveur thus decides to approach him incognito for an insignificant swindle. He discovers who the man really is, and then begins the learning of the disillusionment.

Directed by / 

Rémi Waterhouse

Written by / 

Rémi Waterhouse and Eric Vicaut

Cast / 

Jean Yanne, Guillaume Canet, Laurence Côte.

Coproduction / 

Epithète Films, M6 Films, Polygram Audiovisuel

International sales / 

Le Petit Bureau

Release date / 

14 April 1999

Awards and festivals / 

  • Grand Prix du festival de Comédie de l’Alpes d’Huez 1999
  • Double prix d’interprétation Festival du film de Paris 1999
  • Festival International du film francophone de tübinger, Allemagne, 1999
  • Festival international du film de Munich, Allemagne, 1999
  • Rendez-vous du cinéma français à Paris, 1999